The 1st International Symposium of Quantum Materials Synthesis QMS2016 sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and co-sponsored by Rutgers took place at the New York Academy of Sciences in New York City at the end of August, 2016. It focused on transformative questions framed around cutting edge challenges for quantum materials synthesis and fabrication, and was an unprecedented success. The symposium will continue in the US, Europe, and Asia annually in a circulating manner. cQMS will be the pivot point about which this unique symposium will be organized continuously, coherently, and in a manner that paves the way for creating the future generation of leaders in materials synthesis and fabrication in the US.

On the local scale, cQMS will host top high school students for each summer through the Partners in Science Program organized by Liberty Science Center, NJ, and also undergraduate students, especially underrepresented students through NSF-REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduate students) programs at Rutgers. These students will learn single crystal growth and film fabrications, and be the asset for the future leaders in hard sciences including materials science in the US.